What Are The Different Vintage Hairstyles That Are Perfect For You?

They say that fashion comes and goes and so does hair styles. It is frequent nowadays that we see vintage hairstyles coming back as a new trend. These hairstyles are not just unique, they are easy to maintain too. If you are the o who likes the old school look, here are some of the unique hairstyles that can fit you.

The pompadour is a popular hairstyle way back in the early 1700's. In order to achieve these style, all you need to do is to sweep our hair upwards starting from your face and then placing it high on your forehead. You can also sweep your hair on the side's o on the back depending on your preference.

Another vintage hairstyle is the Bob. The Bob started its rise in the hairstyle culture in the early 1920's. It is an impression of independence, strength and confidence. For you to get this hairstyle you need to cut your hair short. The bob has many variations for you to choose from.

Next vintage hairstyle that is also common the 1920's is the Finger waive. This look originally came from the Bob. It is a short but curly hairstyle. It is preferred by those that cannot get the rigid lines of the Bob. To get the perfect look of the Finger waive, all you need to do is to wet your hands and finger comb your hair in alternate directions in order for you to get the wavy look. Once you're done , dry your hair without touching the lines that you have created. You can also apply a good quality hairspray or hair gel to get the perfect look.

This hairstyles for women was very famous during the 1940's, this is the Victory rolls. This hairstyle came from the Second World War which mimic the planes which created rolls of smoke with their exhaust. This hairstyle is intended to keep your hair out of your lace.

The last but not the least type of Vintage Hairstyle is the Bedroom hair. This hairstyle is intended for people with curly hair. If your hair is not naturally curly then you can buy products like curlers to get that wavy look. For you t achieve this look, you have to apply an ample amount of hair volumizer and damp the hair roots of your hair and then blow dry it. For the final touch, you can use a curling iron for that authentic vintage look.